This efolio contains my everlasting experience at Holy Cross College. My name is Lieren and I am from the town of South Bend, Indiana. When I graduated from high school,  I decided to stay in town close to my family, as well as attending a well accredited school with many opportunities. Part of the Holy Cross Core academics are four pillars. The pillars consist of service learning, global perspectives, internship and capstone. Each of these gave me the opportunity to accomplish things I thought I would never be able to, as well as helping me to shape my future.  Through these pillars I have realized that my future lies with a Communications major with a minor in Marketing.

The theme of my experience at Holy Cross is "Little by little, one travels far." This theme has much relevance to my life because of the steps I took that lead me to Holy Cross, as well as the steps I took through Holy Cross have guided me to travel far, and to keep traveling far into my future.